My Mobile Learning Technology This Now

My Mobile Learning Technology This Now

I’ve been a blogger for years now, and it’s been interesting to see how the internet has changed and can show my mobile learning. Blogging itself is not new, of course people have been writing about their lives online since the early ’90s. But what is new is how easy it has become to share your thoughts with a potentially global audience. It used to be that you had to run a server somewhere (and pay for it!) for anyone outside your immediate circle of friends and family to see what you were saying about yourself. Nowadays, though, anyone can post anything on their own website or just create an account on one of the many free blogging platforms out there and start sharing stories or ideas with millions of people around the world in just seconds flat!

My Mobile Learning Technology

By now, you’ve hopefully read your way through several other posts about my mobile learning. As a reminder, we’re talking about any technology that allows you to take your learning with you on the go. Your phone is probably one of the first places you turn when looking for answers and it should be! The following are some of my favourite apps and tools for my mobile learning.

Pocket This app allows users to save articles they find on the internet so they can read them later at their convenience. It even has a feature that lets readers save multiple copies of an article in case they need it again in the future or want to share it with friends or colleagues. Feedly is similar in function and appearance to Pocket, but with some added features for those interested in keeping up on news sources throughout their day: there’s no limit on number of articles saved per feed; users can subscribe manually or automatically; there’s support for RSS feeds from blogs; and there’s even support for podcasts via iTunes integration! If I’m ever feeling lazy and don’t feel like going through my usual bookmarks or searching Google News directly from my browser window while browsing around online, this is where I’ll look instead (especially if there’s nothing new to read).

Your own site

Having a mobile-optimized site is essential for you to take advantage of the growing mobile market. A website that is not optimized for mobile may look bad, run slow, and have errors when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Use this guide to help you create your own.

You can use this guide to create a mobile-friendly site on your own or hire an expert to do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, take your time and follow the steps carefully.

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The Mobile Learning Blog – A blog by Gartner that focuses on the role of mobile in education and provides advice on how to implement mobile learning programs.

My Mobile Learning

You can learn about the different ways you can use mobile technology to enhance your classroom, how to set up a wireless network for your school or district, and how to design effective learning programs using mobile devices.

The site offers a wide range of resources, including videos and podcasts, articles on best practices and research, and an extensive collection of mobile learning tools.


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